2021 Recipients

Paul Renwick Award - Jennifer Foley

Paul Dwight Renwick taught at Henry Janzen School in Regina from 1982 to 1987. As a physical Education instructor, he excelled in his field. Most students found his physical education program stimulating and challenging and his extra curricular activities exciting and exhilarating. Paul’s program was recognized and received the CAHPERD QDPE Award in 1987. Paul’s life was cut short and he died of cancer on June 22, 1987.

Paul was actively involved with SPEA. He was president-elect in 1981-82, president in 1982-83 and past president in 1983-84. During his year as president Paul foresaw a need for SPEA to be much more than a conference planning body. He envisioned and proposed a three year plan for the organization and laid the foundation for SPEA to become the major voice for physical educators across Saskatchewan. From 1985-1987 Paul assumed the role of part-time executive director where he pursued sources of grant money to enable the organization to pursue provincial initiatives. Paul’s foresight and vision left a legacy for physical educators in Saskatchewan and for SPEA as an organization.

With the merger of SPEA and SHEA in August of 2021 it was unanimously decided by the new Board of Directors for PHE Saskatchewan that the Paul Renwick Award continue to be the organizations top award in recognizing excellence in health and physical education instruction.

In recognition for her outstanding professional career and her unwavering commitment to health and physical education in the province of Saskatchewan, PHE Saskatchewan wishes to bestow its’ highest honor, the Paul Renwick Award for 2021 to Ms. Jennifer Foley from Shaunavon, Saskatchewan.

Jennifer has had a distinguished teaching career in health and physical education. She has been a leader in physical education, health, wellness, and athletics both within the Chinook School Division and the province of Saskatchewan.

Jennifer was an instrumental part of the SPEA Board of Directors for many years. Her past duties included Conference Chairperson, Curriculum, Advocacy, and Journal Editor. Jennifer participated in many working committees and she was very influential in the development and implementation of Wellness 10 within the province.

She is still an active member within the field of health, wellness, and physical education. She has received many honors throughout her career and she was recognized by the SHSAA last year for her years of service and dedication to high school athletics and students within her school and division.

Jennifer is a deserving candidate for PHE Saskatchewan’s highest honor, the Paul Renwick Award.

Congratulations Jennifer!

Jack MacKenzie Career Service Award - Tammy Wilson

Following the passing of Jack MacKenzie on August 22, 2018 the then SPEA Executive immediately passed a unanimous motion to rename SPEA’s Career Service Award to the Jack MacKenzie Career Service Award. With the merger of SPEA and SHEA in August of 2021 the new PHE Saskatchewan Executive immediately endorsed the continuation of this award in Jack’s honor. Jack was instrumental in modelling the physically holistic healthy lifestyle that this award truly epitomizes.

This award has been created in honor of outstanding contribution to Health and Physical Education in the Province of Saskatchewan and its schools. The award winner is exclusively chosen by the PHE Saskatchewan Board of Directors and presented at its own discretion and time.

The winner of the 2021 Jack MacKenzie Career Service Award is Ms. Tammy Wilson from Saskatoon.

Tammy has had a professional teaching carer that has been noted with her involvement in physical education, physical literacy, wellness, and advocacy for the health and happiness of children entrusted to her care. Tammy was noted for her positive approach to teaching and learning, her cheerful and welcoming smile, and her caring and nurturing instinct in making sure her students were cared for , engaged, and valued as unique individuals.

Tammy was actively involved with professional development within her school division and the province of Saskatchewan. She was a member of the SPEA Conference Planning and Program Committee on numerous occasions and she was characterized as a team player who could always be counted on to get things done no matter what it took! Her contributions behind the scenes have been duly noted by everyone that has worked with her!

Tammy is an excellent role model for children and peers alike. She has always displayed a love for physical education through her actions and lifestyle. Tammy has instilled the love of play, learning, and movement in many children throughout her career. She has always quietly gone about doing her job with grace, professionalism, and a profound sense of doing what is right for her students and those placed around her. She has truly made a difference in the lives of so many over her professional teaching career.

Tammy recently retired from her position within the Saskatoon Public School Division. This award is a small token of appreciation for all of her hard work and dedication to her students, her peers, her community, and the province of Saskatchewan. She is truly deserving of this very special award!

Congratulations Tammy!

QDPE Professional of the Year - Finn Molder

Finn Molder has implemented a quality physical education program his whole teaching career. He is seen as a leader among the physical education teachers within the Saskatoon Public School Division. He has numerous years of teaching experience in physical education at both the elementary and high school level. He encourages his staff to live an active lifestyle through wellness challenges and social gatherings that are physically active. Finn leads intramural activities to keep students engaged in physical activity throughout the school year. Finn is a mentor to young and aspiring teachers. He lives an active lifestyle and models this both at school and within the community.

Finn offers numerous learning opportunities for his students and his school community. He leads by example and his actions help to positively motivate everyone around him to lead active and healthy lifestyles. His adventurous nature, strong leadership skills, and positive approach to life is infectious and has truly made a difference in the lives of his students and peers.

Dr. Andy Anderson Young Professional of the Year (PHE Canada) - Bailey Kowalyk

Physical and Health Education Canada’s Dr. Andy Anderson Young Professional Award is a yearly award presented to one professional association that best epitomizes exemplary work on behalf of the physical and health education profession. Selection of the award recipient is made by the provincial association.

Andy was an incredible leader and had an enormous impact on the field of health and physical education. Throughout his career, he nurtured many leaders who continue to serve as champions and carry on his legacy in our profession today. The Dr. Andy Anderson Award will help to further recognize his significant contribution to the field.

This year’s 2021 winner is Ms. Bailey Kowalyk from Regina. Bailey is currently teaching physical education and wellness at Miller Comprehensive Catholic High School within the Regina Catholic School Division.

Bailey graduated from the University of Regina in 2019. She holds a Bachelor’s Degree in Education and Kinesiology. She is currently working towards a Certificate of Extended Studies in Inclusive Education. Bailey was an active member of the HOPE Association and an attendee at SPEA’s Student Leadership Experience in 2017 and 2019.

Bailey is passionate about teaching physical education and wellness. She is actively involved in coaching and is an excellent role model for her students. She has a very bright future ahead of her in the teaching profession!

Local Initiative Award - Aron Knudson

Aron is noted for his work in leading the Land-Based Education Program at Bedford Road Collegiate in Saskatoon. This program sees Grade 9 students and teachers use an environmental approach to learning that recognizes a deep connection and relationship to their place in the world and to the land. This approach acknowledges that knowing and learning occurs through the cultivation and observation of the relationship between people and the land.

Students learn together and receive credits in Physical Education, Social Studies, English, Health, and Career Education. Students develop ways to show their learning in a variety of ways and build on the skills they have to become engaged community leaders. There is a strong emphasis on using Saskatchewan’s diverse landscape and the natural world to enhance student learning and to bring the curriculum to life.

Students take part in a variety of activities, which may include daily bike trips, canoeing, walking, as well as numerous field trips to experience the areas in and around Saskatoon that can enhance the curriculum and increase student understanding of their place and the impact they can make in our immediate surroundings and the global community.

Local Initiative Award - Samantha Gunn

Samantha Gunn goes above and beyond when helping to support teachers and students develop physical literacy skills and opportunities in outdoor settings. She served as a Physical Education Instructional Consultant and provided many resources and supports for designing learning experiences for K-12 students. She also worked very closely with many elementary school staffs and leadership teams during the pandemic in order to develop more outdoor learning and land-based opportunities throughout the year. Sam’s work has truly made a difference in supporting students and staff during a very difficult time.

Sam also helps schools connect with other partners such as the Meewasin Valley Authority and Student Action for a Sustainable Future to take on outdoor learning activities and projects. She has also done leadership work to help revise school canoe safety guidelines and facilitate outdoor culture camps for core neighbourhood schools. In the summer of 2020 she wrote a series of outdoor learning resources for the Meewasin Valley Authority that won a Unesco World Sustainability in Education Award that met curriculum outcomes in Grades 2 -8 physical education and science.

She is a tireless advocate for outdoor learning and fitness and she has made a profound impact for many students, teachers, and schools within Saskatoon Public!