Discover your leadership potential and be inspired to change the lives of those around you. The PHE Saskatchewan Student Leadership “Experience” will challenge your physical, social, emotional and intellectual well-being. You will have opportunities to engage in physical activities combined with presentations, workshops and other initiatives that encourage you to explore your preconceptions of health, inclusion, education, and leadership.

You will work closely with mentors and students from across Saskatchewan and Canada with diverse backgrounds and experiences. You will learn from and network with some of the most influential mentors in the field of physical education, health education, sport, and health promotion. You will return from the “experience” with increased knowledge and skills to foster healthy active living for children and youth in the school community. But more than that, expect to come away with a greater understanding of what it means to be a leader, and how you can challenge yourself and others to meet and exceed your goals and expectations. The location is to be determined, and will be announced as soon as possible.

Who Should Attend

The Student Leadership “Experience” is targeted to post-secondary students who view themselves as future leaders in related fields of education, kinesiology, nursing, and health promotion.

What to Expect

While at the Student Leadership “Experience” you will be participating in indoor and outdoor activities, both on land and on water. You will be assigned to a mentor group made up of your peers who will be representing areas all across Saskatchewan and Canada. Working with each group will be two mentors – individuals who are working in, and highly regarded within the fields of physical education, health, sport and other related sectors. You will find yourself pushing your physical limitations and questioning your assumptions in a safe, supportive, and empowering atmosphere.

Some of the experiences include:
  • Networking opportunities and events
  • Mentor group tasks and initiatives

What to Bring

It is important to note that late September can mean unpredictable temperatures and weather in Saskatchewan. Please keep this in mind when packing and try to prepare for multiple weather situations. Most activities will likely be taking place outside - bring warm clothing and rain gear. More information regarding the specifics of what to pack will be shared with participants at a later date.