2022 Recipients

Paul Renwick Award - Daunean Dash-Rewcastle

Paul Dwight Renwick taught at Henry Janzen School in Regina from 1982 to 1987. As a physical Education instructor, he excelled in his field. Most students found his physical education program stimulating and challenging and his extra curricular activities exciting and exhilarating. Paul’s program was recognized and he received the CAHPERD QDPE Award in 1987. Paul’s life was cut short and he died of cancer June 22, 1987.

Paul was actively involved with SPEA. He was president-elect in 1981-82, president in 1982-83 and past president in 1983-84. During his year as president Paul foresaw a need for SPEA to be much more than a conference planning body. He envisioned and proposed a three year plan for the organization and laid the foundation for SPEA to become the major voice for physical educators across Saskatchewan. From 1985-1987 Paul assumed the role of part-time executive director where he pursued sources of grant money to enable the organization to pursue provincial initiatives. Paul’s foresight and vision left a legacy for physical educators in Saskatchewan and for SPEA as an organization.

In recognition for her outstanding professional career and her unwavering commitment to physical and health education in the province of Saskatchewan, PHE Saskatchewan wishes to bestow its’ highest honor, the Paul Renwick Award to Ms. Daunean Dash-Rewcastle from Herbert, Saskatchewan.

Daunean recently transitioned from the Chinook School Division to become a Curriculum Consultant with the Ministry of Education in Regina. She will continue her work there in the areas of physical and health education. Throughout her teaching career Daunean has taught physical education and health in a variety of educational settings. Her thoughtful and reflective demeanor has been a constant characteristic throughout her professional career.

Daunean has been actively involved with SPEA throughout her teaching career. She has held many positions on the Board of Directors but her tenure as President for a two year term from 2015 to 2017 was her most impactful. She was instrumental in helping to bring the Student Leadership Experience back to Saskatchewan and to create a strong relationship with external like-minded groups in support of physical literacy, student wellness and quality, daily physical education. She was noted for her work in supporting Wellness 10 initiatives both within her school division and the province. Her leadership in the areas of mental health, inclusion, and quality instruction were all areas that made significant gains under her leadership.

Under Daunean’s leadership, SPEA was able to be seen as an organization that truly supported it’s mandate and it’s membership. Her leadership both within SPEA, the Chinook School Division, and the province of Saskatchewan has been greatly appreciated by many.

Daunean is truly a kind and caring individual who always places the needs of others in front of her own. Her thoughtful and reflective approach was always appreciated because it was backed up with a very strong will and determination to do what was right. Her efforts to promote and advocate for physical and health education have been admirable and greatly appreciated. She is truly a deserving candidate of the 2022 Paul Renwick Award for PHE Saskatchewan!

Congratulations Daunean!

Jack MacKenzie Career Service Award - Kyla Christiansen

Following the passing of Jack MacKenzie on August 22, 2018, the then SPEA Executive immediately passed a unanimous motion to rename SPEA’s Career Service Award to the Jack MacKenzie Career Service Award. With the merger of SPEA and SHEA in August of 2021 the new PHE Saskatchewan Executive immediately endorsed the continuation of this award in Jack’s honor. Jack was instrumental in modelling the physically holistic healthy lifestyle that this award truly epitomizes.

This award has been created in honor of outstanding contribution to Health and Physical Education in the Province of Saskatchewan and its schools. The award winner is exclusively chosen by the PHE Saskatchewan Board of Directors and presented at its own discretion and time.

The winner of the 2022 Jack MacKenzie Career Service Award is Ms. Kyla Christiansen from Lumsden, Saskatchewan.

Kyla has had a professional teaching and consulting career that has been noted with her involvement in health education, health literacy, and wellness. Her advocacy for the health and happiness of children entrusted to her care has been especially noted with her work within the 2SLGBTQ+ community within the province. She was the lead writer for the Ministry of Education’s Deepening the Discussion Policy Document supporting sexual and gender diversity in the province. Kyla is noted for her positive and practical approach to supporting fellow educators and she can always be counted on to get the job done!

Kyla has been actively involved with professional development within her school divisions and the province of Saskatchewan. Her contributions to the development of the Wellness 10 curriculum and many other provincial curriculum initiatives in the area of health and wellness has been noted just not in Saskatchewan but all across Canada. Her contributions behind the scenes have been duly noted by everyone that has worked with her!

Kyla is an excellent role model for children and peers alike. She has always displayed a love for health and wellness through her actions and lifestyle. Kyla has always gone about doing her job with determination, professionalism, and a profound sense of doing what is right for her students and those placed around her. She has truly made a difference in the lives of so many over her professional teaching career.

Kyla continues to work between the Regina Public School Division and Good Spirit School Division in a consulting role. This award is a small token of appreciation for all of her hard work and dedication to her students, her peers, her community, and the province of Saskatchewan. She is truly deserving of this very special award!

Congratulations Kyla!

Health Educator of the Year - Amanda Kornaga

Amanda is currently the Principal of Churchbridge Public School in Churchbridge, SK. CPS is a K-12 school within the Good Spirit School Division. Amanda is a graduate of the University of Regina and is currently a doctoral candidate at the University of Regina, working on her Ph. D. She is also the current President of PHE Saskatchewan serving in her second year.

Amanda’s teaching and leadership style is built around the 4 pillars of the CSCH model. The school she leads focuses on student, adult and community health practices that support the positive growth and development of it’s children and youth. Her approach is built upon a strong base of land-based outdoor instruction that is creatively designed to meet the individual and unique learning needs of her students, the school, and the community of Churchbridge.

Amanda lives the lifestyle that supports personal health and happiness. She is an excellent role model for her students, fellow staff, and the community. She advocates for health promoting initiatives at various levels within her school and the community. Whether it is in planning, future initiatives, fund raising, or actively creating recreational and wellness facilities in her area, Amanda has done them all is continuing to do so.

Under her leadership, CPS has recently built a sustainable greenhouse, created a unique gardening space on the schoolyard, and is currently hosting a pare of alpacas to demonstrate how crop renewal and looking after animals can be lifechanging for her students.

Amanda is also active in the development of health promoting policies and curriculum. She was a member of the Phys. Ed 20 ad Phys. Ed 30 writing team, resource development team and created her own locally developed Leadership 20. She is an amazing mentor to many and her focus on creating happy, healthy children drives her commitment to creating a school community climate that is conducive to the healthy growth and development of her students. She is extremely deserving of this award!

Congratulations Amanda!

Physical Educator of the Year - Nikki Cameron

Nikki is currently teaching at E’cole Dundonald School in Saskatoon. She has a B. P.Ed and B.Ed from Brock University as well as her M.Sc. from the University of Saskatchewan. She was a Research Assistant for the College of Kinesiology from 2014-2020 and a Research Assistant for PHE Canada from 2020-2021.

She is a life long learner who models collaborative professionalism which leads itself to her being a leader in professional development within her school system.

Nikki runs an excellent physical education program at her school. She leads by example and is an excellent role model for her students and fellow staff. She creates a safe and inclusive teaching environment for her students and she is an advocate and ally for all children and their unique learning needs.

Nikki is very reflective and responsive in her teaching and planning. She uses professional development and staff leadership as ways to improve her instruction and teaching both within the school and the community. Her teaching exemplifies what this award is truly about.

Nikki lives in Saskatoon with her husband Greg and their dog Zoey. Together, they enjoy spending time on the hiking trails along the South Saskatchewan River during all four seasons of the year.

Congratulations Nikki!

Dr. Andy Anderson Young Professional of the Year (PHE Canada) - Emily Humbert

Emily attended Aden Bowman Collegiate in Saskatoon before attending the College of Kinesiology at the University of Saskatchewan. She was a member of the Huskie Women’s Volleyball team during that time. Emily currently is teaching at Bedford Road Collegiate in Saskatoon where she is the Athletic Director and along with her teaching assignment, coaches volleyball and track.

Emily is an excellent classroom teacher who supports students in literacy and social studies. She co-plans and teaches with the school’s resource team.

She also supports the entire physical education department with ongoing PD, partnerships and a keen eye towards the possibilities for her students.

She created and supports, “Be Active”, this is a group that hopes to inspire young female students to adopt healthy lifestyle choices and physical activity in a safe space. This group has partnered with the Saskatoon Public Schools Foundation to support activities at the school and within the community.

She has also partnered with the Indigenous Youth Mentorship Program along with Beth Thompson to support programming at her school.

As Bedford Road Collegiate’s Athletic Director she has done an amazing job of supporting fellow coaches and student athletes involved. She has ensured there is a full offering of teams at the school and she has instilled an ethic of sportsmanship and a Redhawk Pride within this program.

Emily is a strong coach! She not only coaches her teams but seeks to build a program along with her athletes. The volleyball and track programs have grown due to her passion and expertise. She balances significant expectations for commitment and performance with a strong connection with her team and compassion for the circumstances in the lives of her athletes.

Emily is a very deserving candidate for this award. Her future in education, physical education, and health is a very bright one!

Congratulations Emily!

Local Initiative Award - Ryan Gallagher

Ryan Gallagher has been the Regina Catholic School Physical Education and Health Consultant for the past 3 school years. He is a University of Regina Graduate with a Physical Education major and Science minor. He has been teaching since 2000.

Ryan has had many accomplishments over his teaching career. Highlights include:

  • With the help of Tennis Saskatchewan he supplied tennis equipment to Regina Catholic School as well as teacher training

  • Developed a traveling Cross Country Ski Kit which circulates between O’Neill , Miller and Riffle High Schools in Regina

  • With the help of Terrance Littletent provided in-service for teachers to learn and then teach Indigenous Hoop Dance. He also developed 2 Aboriginal Hoop Dance Class Kits which can be loaned by trained teachers.

  • Created a Geocache course in Wascana Park and shared with fellow teachers.

  • Established map and compass course games for St Gregory, St Mary, St Michael, St Timothy and St Angela schools in parks close to their schools.

  • Organized NASP archery certification courses for Regina Catholic school teachers to become certified archery teachers.

  • With the help of Regina Public Schools purchased a Pro-Sharp skate sharpening system for Regina Sport Venture. Sport Venture provides a skate loan system for all schools in Regina.

  • Familiarized the game of 9 square with RCSD staff and provided 9 Square game sets which can be loaned out from division library services.

It is obvious that Ryan has been very active in supporting his fellow teachers and schools in the areas of health and physical education. He is most deserving of receiving the PHE Saskatchewan Local Initiative Award for 2022!

Congratulations Ryan!    

Local Initiative Award - Luke Krienke

Luke Krienke is currently the senior physical education teacher at Langenburg High School in Langenburg, Saskatchewan. LHS is a K-12 school situated within the Good Spirit School Division. It is noted as being a new facility this is only a couple of years old. Luke was instrumental in the planning of the new school by ensuring that the curricular and community needs of the facility met the standards needed to ensure a quality physical education and sport program for the community of Langenburg.

Luke is committed to providing athletic and recreational opportunities in his community, as well as running an excellent physical education program. Luke is an excellent coach as he manages leading the volleyball, basketball and track and field programs at his school. He is also a community soccer coach and a community leader that advocates for physical activity opportunities for his students as well as the residents of Langenburg. He is dedicated to his profession and leads with action, determination, and skill. He is very a very deserving recipient of this Local Initiative 2022 Award.

Congratulations Luke!

STF Arbos Award - Julie Andrews