2024 Recipients

Paul Renwick Award - Ms. Jennifer Buettner

Paul Dwight Renwick taught at Henry Janzen School in Regina from 1982 to 1987. As a physical Education instructor, he excelled in his field. Most students found his physical education program stimulating and challenging and his extra curricular activities exciting and exhilarating. Paul’s program was recognized and he received the CAHPERD QDPE Award in 1987. Paul’s life was cut short and he died of cancer June 22, 1987.
Paul was actively involved with SPEA. He was president-elect in 1981-82, president in 1982-83 and past president in 1983-84. During his year as president Paul foresaw a need for SPEA to be much more than a conference planning body. He envisioned and proposed a three year plan for the organization and laid the foundation for SPEA to become the major voice for physical educators across Saskatchewan. From 1985-1987 Paul assumed the role of part-time executive director where he pursued sources of grant money to enable the organization to pursue provincial initiatives. Paul’s foresight and vision left a legacy for physical educators in Saskatchewan and for SPEA as an organization.

In recognition for her outstanding professional career and her unwavering commitment to physical and health education in the province of Saskatchewan, PHE Saskatchewan wishes to bestow its’ highest honor, the Paul Renwick Award to Ms. Jennifer Buettner of Saskatoon, Saskatchewan.

Jennifer grew up on a farm near Wakaw, Saskatchewan.  She was involved in sports at a very early age and has continued being incredibly active into her adult life.  She attended the University of Saskatchewan and obtained her Bachelor of Education in 2008 majoring in physical education.  She completed her Master’s of Education Degree at the U of S in 2017 with a focus on physical literacy. Jen has been committed to giving back to the profession and she gets involved whenever possible.  As a university student, Jen became involved with SPEA by volunteering to help out at conferences.  She then formally joined SPEA as a regional director and then worked her way all the way up to President nine years later from 2019 to 2021.  Jen has filled many roles as a Board member for both SPEA and PHE Saskatchewan.  She is currently in the middle of her 3rd year as the Saskatchewan Rep on the PHE Canada National Board of Directors.  She is a leader within SPSD with the elementary physical education cohort and was the Conference Chairperson for the 2024 PHE Canada National Physical and Health Education Conference in Saskatoon.

 Jennifer displays strong personal and professional attributes.  She is a school and community leader who works tirelessly to support her students in the pursuit of physical literacy, wellness, and life long active living and learning.  She is always cheerful, energetic, and enthusiastic.  She is an excellent role model in her community who embraces parental engagement, outdoor risky play, active living, and personal wellness for her family, students, colleagues, and community.  Her experiences at school and in her community have also made her a leader at the provincial and national level.  Her expertise in teaching health and physical education, student and parent engagement, and educational leadership has made her a much sought after resource in creating sustainable programming and authentic curricula for students throughout the province of Saskatchewan.  She has used her strong leadership and relationship skills to enhance the lives of her students and her peers.  Her wisdom, strong character, and expertise has been greatly appreciated by all who work with her.

 Jen is currently teaching physical education and is the Vice Principal at Brevoort Park Elementary School in Saskatoon.  She is in her 15th year of teaching within the Saskatoon Public School Division.  Jen sits on many committees locally, provincially, and nationally through which she supports the health and well being of many students and colleague.
Personally, Jennifer enjoys hiking, biking, and canoeing.  She is a multi-sport athlete who is passing along her talents through coaching and mentoring.  Jennifer’s active family fully supports her passion for teaching and advocating for quality health and physical education.
She is truly a deserving candidate of the 2024 Paul Renwick Award for PHE Saskatchewan.

Congratulations Jennifer!

Health Educator of the Year - Ms. Julie Andrews

Julie Andrews is currently on Faculty at the Northern Saskatchewan Indigenous Teacher Education Program in LaRonge, Saskatchewan.  She is also finishing her first year as President of PHE Saskatchewan.  She joined the SPEA Board of Directors in 2013 and has bee an integral and active part of the Board ever since.  She was also part of the Ministry of Education’s Physical Education 20 and 30 Curriculum Renewal as a member of the Reference Committee, Writing Team and the Implementation Team.  She was also an active and dedicated leader of many professional development opportunities within the Northern Lights School Division during that time.
As PHE SK President Julie has been a staunch advocate for the promotion of health education with schools, the community and the province.  She has challenged the Board of Directors to be aware of who is not at the Board table?  She wants PHE Saskatchewan to be an organization that is supportive of marginalized and underserved students and organizations within our proviknce who are struggling for a voice in the discussions around health, wellness, and physical education.
Julie is a member of the Fond Du Lac-Denesuline First Nation and she found her voice as a respected educational leader within her community.  She contribute to culture-based learning opportunities and is passionate about teaching her students through an Indigenous land based learning approach.  Her leadership within PHE Saskatchewan has created an opportunity for the health and wellness of students has become a top priority within the organization.  She is an excellent teacher and has been able to instill a health and wellness focus within her instruction and ultimately the learning of her students at every level she has taught at.
Julie is an excellent candidate and very worthy of this honor.

Congratulations Julie!

Physical Educator of the Year - Mr. Jarod Harvey

Jarod is currently teaching K-3 physical education at Wahkohtowin School within the Saskatoon Public School Division.  He is also involved within the system in leading and planning professional development for physical education within SPSD.  Jarod has taught in 3 SPSD schools and 9 years in Southeast Cornerstone over a 21-year period.

He received his Bachelor of Science in Kinesiology and Bachelor of Education from the University of Saskatchewan in 2003.  He is currently completing his Masters in Education Administration at the U of S as well.  His focus is on educational leadership through the lens of physical education and student wellness. 

Jarod has been on the SPEA and PHE SK Board of Directors for the past 9 years.  He has been involved in many committee working groups and has been a conference co-chair on numerous occasions.

Jarod is an excellent teacher who builds his physical education program around positive student relationships and well-being.  He is a life-long learner and always looking for ways to improve his instruction and assessment practices.  He is noted for getting things done and doing whatever is necessary to help his students succeed in school and in their homes and community.  His empathy and thoughtful approach is greatly appreciated by everyone he works with.  Jarod is well respected by his students, fellow staff, senior leadership, and the PHE Saskatchewan community.  He is truly deserving of this award.

Congratulations Jarod!

Dr. Andy Anderson Young Professional of the Year (PHE Canada) - Ms. Melissa Gesell

Melissa is being recognized for her dedication and outstanding work in the areas of health and physical education within the Province of Saskatchewan.  Melissa is currently working within the Saskatoon Public School Division at Sylvia Fedoruk Elementary School in Saskatoon.  She is in her 11th year of teaching and she began her career at Kipling School in southeast Saskatchewan.  She has a Bachelor of Science in Kinesiology and a Bachelor of Education from the University of Saskatchewan and is currently completing her Master of Education (Curriculum and Pedagogy in Health and Physical Education) from the University of Alberta.  Melissa research focuses on health education and health teachers in the province.

Melissa is also an active Board member of PHE Saskatchewan.  She is the committee lead for the Student Leadership ‘Experience’ and is part of various working groups pertaining to student health, wellness, and physical literacy.  She is a passionate educator who is a team player noted for her strong work ethic and ability to do whatever is needed when required.  Professional growth and lifelong learning creates the foundation upon which Melissa fosters her journey throughout life.  She embraces change and is always willing to share her expertise with students, parents, and fellow educators.
Melissa is truly deserving of this award.  She has a very bright future ahead of her in the education profession.

Congratulations Melissa!

Local Initiative Award Winner - Mr. Darcy Warrington

Darcy has taken the challenges of moving to a new school head on with a positive and professional attitude.  He continually looks for new ways to engage his students during PE and extra-curricular activities. His involvement and leadership in the Game Changers Program offered by PHE Canada is a prime example of his leadership to improve the learning environment for his students. Without hesitation, Darcy took the lead role in the delivery of the grant initiatives and hopes to incorporate circus arts into the PE culture at Wâhkôtowin School. He is a very talented musician and does a great job of entertaining the entire school during assemblies. He has accomplished all of this as he balances his roles as a husband, father and NDP candidate in the upcoming provincial election.

Congratulations to Darcy for moving the Game Changers Initiative forward within his school and the local community!

Local Initiative Award Winner - Moose Jaw Early Years Family Resource Center Kids First

The Moose Jaw Early Years Family Resource Center is a welcoming, no cost service for families in the Moose Jaw area prenatal to age five.  They have created a warm, inclusive, and inviting environment that provides drop-in and group opportunities that support the development of young children in the areas of early learning, parent/caregiver education, family wellness, information, and referrals.

It is a wonderful place where the needs of young children, parents, and caregivers are given top priority.  The center also relies on community partners to support and enhance the lives of their patrons.  The key is to build strong relationships with families in the local community to benefit the young lives of their children.  Through support from the Saskatchewan Health Authority (SHA), PHE Saskatchewan has formed a supportive relationship with the center to promote outdoor risky play, physical literacy, and family physical activity opportunities both at home and at the center.  

The promotion of health and physical education initiatives at the center need to be complimented.  The staff and their leaders have created a family support model that needs to be recognized.  The PHE Saskatchewan Local Initiative Award for 2024 does just that!

Congratulations on the success of this program and PHE Saskatchewan looks forward to continuing our working relationship moving forward!

Local Initiative Award Winner - Kamsack Comprehensive Institute

Kamsack Comprehensive Institute is a grade 5-12 school located within Good Spirit School Division on Treaty Four Territory. Taylor Dietrich and Joanne Schwartz are teachers at KCI and have worked collaboratively with PHE Canada and PHE Saskatchewan to actualize the STOMP program with their grade nine students. These two teachers have taken an interdisciplinary approach to STOMP by incorporating critical thinking, and research skills into a variety of subjects through each of their initiatives.  These two teachers have also worked with the students to develop the skills and confidence to be healthy school leaders and will culminate the year with presentations to classes within the school.

Congratulations to KCI for moving the STOMP Initiative forward within their school and the community of Kamsack!

TPSR Alliance of Canada

Distinguished Service Award 2024

Ms. Daunean Dash-Rewcastle

Daunean is currently a Curriculum Consultant for the Ministry of Education in Regina.  She transitioned there from a teaching position with the Chinook School Division.  Throughout her teaching career Daunean taught in various positions within the areas of health, wellness, student support, and physical education.  She began her teaching career in the Northern Lights School Division and has been able to draw on her lived experience within the K-12 system to help her in her current work involving strategic planning and curriculum development and implementation especially in the areas of Wellness and Physical Education.

Daunean was an active member of the SPEA Board of Directors and was President from 2015 to 2027.  She was instrumental in helping to revive the Student Leadership ‘Experience’ in Saskatchewan.  Her leadership tenure was highlighted by advocacy in the areas of student mental health, inclusion, and quality instruction in the areas of physical education and wellness.

Coming out of the University of Regina during her undergraduate program Daunean was a believer of the TPSR model of instruction and implementation.  As an educator she has been able to model the approach and to be a staunch advocate for its use especially with underserved and disadvantaged youth.  She has modelled this approach her whole teaching career and she continues to implement it in her current work as a consultant and writer.

Daunean is truly a deserving candidate for the 2024 Distinguished Service Award for the TPSR Alliance of Canada and PHE Saskatchewan.  She is an incredible ambassador for the TPSR model of instruction in physical education and we know that her positive influence in this area will continue to benefit the students of our province.

Congratulations Daunean!