Concussion Awareness and Prevention

PHE Saskatchewan and the Saskatchewan Ministry of Education have partnered to provide training for all teachers in Saskatchewan around concussion. It is important that all teachers are educated about what a concussion is, what to do if a concussion is suspected, and what they can do to help the student with their recovery process. At some point in their career, educators will likely face a situation where a student is affected by a concussion.

Head injuries can occur during participation within physical education class, recess and other physical activities throughout a student's school day. The severity of a concussion and the response to it will vary for every student and every situation. It is important that all teachers understand how to assess and respond appropriately to a potential concussion.

Because everyone responds differently to a concussion, recovery plans need to be individualized. Engaging the brain too much too early can cause symptoms to reappear or worsen. School professionals can help facilitate a student’s recovery and gradual return to learning and playing after a concussion. A collaborative approach by a team that includes school professionals, the student’s family and health care professionals is required to manage the student’s recovery and to facilitate the appropriate supports or accommodations.

Effective management of a concussion can affect recovery. Someone with a concussion requires appropriate medical assessment, rest and care before gradually resuming physical activity or returning to learn, play, work or use digital devices. It is essential to rest the brain after an injury, just as it is for other types of bodily injuries.

Training for School Staff, Volunteers, and Families

Establishing consistent concussion education for all school personnel, students, volunteers, and parents/guardians helps ensure everyone is aware of concussion-related procedures to follow, understand their roles and know what tools are available to help them. It is most effective to take concussion training at the start of the school year.

E-Learning Courses/Modules

Educators will have an option to take one of two E-learning courses or modules on concussion education.

The Making Head Way in Sport (Generic) course is created by the National Coaching Certification Program (NCCP). This course is endorsed by the Coaching Association of Canada, the Coaching Association of Saskatchewan, Physical and Health Education Saskatchewan, and the SHSAA. This module can be accessed from the links below (same course).

  • Once you are logged in go to the E-learning section, choose the Making Headway module on the left hand side of the screen and select the Sport (generic) module to begin the course.

  • A final transcript will be provided to you at the end of the course for evidence of completion.

  • NOTE: The Saskatchewan High School Athletic Association (SHSAA) also endorses the Making Headway in Sport series of concussion training modules. Click here to access the SHSAA concussion protocol and educational materials.

The CATT (Concussion Awareness Training Tool) is designed specifically for School Professionals by the Ministry of Education in British Columbia.

  • Simply follow the directions provided by the link and begin your course.

  • A certificate will be provided to you at the end of the course for evidence of completion.